Our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) interactive student programs are customized for PreK, Elementary and Middle School students ages 3 to 13. PreK, Grade School, and Middle School student programs with the Driscoll Dummies include but are not limited to the following:

The Driscoll Dummies NO BULLY ZONE interactive ventriloquist show helps students identify bullies and bullying behaviors and provides effective strategies in coping and dealing with bullying. Through humorous Ventriloquist face mask routines involving several volunteers from the audience, Kevin Driscoll will help identify the four main types of bullies and associated bullying behaviors:

Cyber Bullying - bullying behavior using technology, as in harmful texts or emails

Physical Bullying - hitting, pushing and harmful physical contact

Verbal Bullying - name calling and teasing

Social or Relational Bullying - exclusion and leaving one out

The Driscoll Dummies help students recognize where bullying takes place and why. They show students a process to take control of the situation themselves by first teaching how to identify the bully, the victim and the bystander in a bullying situation. They also explain the consequences of being a bully.

Students are taught to take action while staying safe using the acronym SAFE: Stand tall and speak up, Ask for help, Figure out your options and End it calmly by remaining cool and in control.

Also, students are taught how to respond and how to be a HERO - Help out, Empathize, Report and create Open communication.

Best of all, the above lessons are reinforced through ventriloquist comedy. Kids Learn Better When They Laugh™. The Driscoll Dummies will give you and your students the foundation you need to continue battling bullying in your school. Audience participation, comedy plus loads of ventriloquism and great messages on how to be your own personal best makes this show a winner!


DRUMMING WITH DUMMIES is another one of our INTERACTIVE programs…. Ideal for PreK/Elementary Schools.

My ventriloquist dummies and I would love to perform WITH your students.  We typically bring our clown car full of dummies, drums and percussion instruments for the students to play WITH our dummies.  Students are invited to play the Irish Bodhrán, Tahitian Toeré, Trinidadian mini-steel drum and many other percussion instruments also available for everyone.

We provide edutainment (education and entertainment) throughout New England.  With a master’s in education and 20+ years of teaching experience at the primary, secondary, college and graduate level, simply provide us with the key talking points and we’ll develop an edutainment program especially designed for your company.  Then our dummies and I will perform the program at schools and adult forums as you deem appropriate.  “We learn better when we laugh™”.

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We have our Space Helmets and we're ready for the first of our NEW 2019 Library Shows:

•           7/16/19 – Space/A Universe of Stories Ventriloquist Comedy Show at the Burlington Public Library – 11:00AM  - Our ventriloquist dummies will wear their space helmets and perform WITH the children!