Make your celebration unique.  Invite Kevin Driscoll and the Driscoll Dummies to your event. 

               Create a memory that will not be soon forgotton!

We can make your HUMAN DUMMY volunteers say almost anything!

Kevin the Klown with

Dino the Dinosaur...

Kevin Driscoll was the General Manager and Master of Ceremonies for virtual online events at a small international internet company for sixteen years.  Perhaps he could be the Master of Ceremonies at your next event?

Perhaps you only want a singing telegram?  Can do!

How about a Gorilla in a Pink Tu Tu, Phantom of the Opera, Dancing Santa, The Grimm Reaper, Boston's FIVE STAR Singing Yellow Chicken, a cowboy, a clown, or just a guy singing almost any song in a tux?  See 37 second Dancing Gorilla excerpt below: 

Kevin Driscoll... so much fun.