See latest updated schedule of events below.  Call/text SantaKevin24x7 anytime at 617-901-6232.


Above photos from Boston's Ritz-Carlton.  It's not too soon to schedule your home visit or family Holiday photo with Santa.  As an additional option:  TheRealBeardedSanta™ will bring Santa's wise-cracking 40" elf and Santa's Talking Dog to entertain your guests. Just like last year at Boston's Ritz-Carlton Christmas Day Brunch, we will also go from table to table entertaining your guests. Holiday music, ventriloquist humor, photos with Santa and much more.
Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings (or we don't really know what the heck you celebrate!)

Book Santa and Friends for your Holiday events.  Call/text anytime: SantaKevin24x7: 617-901-6232

Let us help you create your corporate Holiday video, video email, or family YouTube video like the one at and at:   

November 12, 2017 - Photos with Santa - Mockingbird Store - 219 Main Street, Charlestown, MA 8:30AM - 1:00PM Sunday - To make your 2017 reservations now: 617-242-0210 /

November 26, 10:00AM - 12:00Noon - We're back again this year at Kelmar Associates in Wakefield - ♫♬ TheRealBeardedSanta™ 🎅, his mischievous Elf and Talking Dog

December 2nd 11:30AM - 12:15PM MS Fundraiser - BurkesTumblingAcademy, Swampscott, MA - PHOTOS WITH SANTA

December 3, 6-7:00PM Connecticut private house party

December 10th, Ward S. Club - Taunton, MA - TheRealBeardedSanta™ 🎅, his elf and Talking Dog 2:00PM

December 16th 2:30PM in Plymouth, MA for the sixth year in a row.

December 16th 5-6:00PM East Greenwich, RI

December 17th - 9:30AM - 11:30AM Breakfast with Santa - Olde Post Office Pub in North Grafton, MA

December 19th Ritz-Carlton Santa only visit for the third year in a row.


December 17, 2016 9:00AM - 11:30AM TheRealBeardedSanta™ at Rosa Farms, 965 Washington Street, Hanover, MA -  Breakfast with Santa 

December 17, 2016 9:00AM - 11:30AM TheRealBeardedSanta™ at Rosa Farms, 965 Washington Street, Hanover, MA -  Breakfast with Santa 

Above photo taken on Saturday 11/19/16 in Rhode Island.
Pet owners can send their Video Email Christmas Cards featuring their pet with TheRealBeardedSanta™.


ATTENTION PET OWNERS:  We can help you post your YouTube video with your pet talking and/or singing "Merry Christmas". Call/text Ventriloquist SantaKevin24x7 any time at 617-901-6232 for more details. If you will feed your pet one teaspoon of peanut butter (or anything which makes their mouth move frequently), as a professional ventriloquist I will make your pet talk or sing almost anything you wish. See still photos with pets and pet owners from last December at our Boston Ritz Carlton performance. We can even personalize the video so your pet can say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Uncle Charlie", "Happy Birthday, Aunt Susan" etc.

Your pet can be the only one in the video if you choose. If you prefer, we can all be in the video together. Maybe you only want your child and your pet in the video? Almost anything is an option. My iPhone 7 Plus with my very small hand-held remote control takes excellent photos and videos... and I can post to my YouTube channel (and send you the link via email) or post almost anything to your YouTube channel. I can add your own additional pictures (of Uncle Charlie or Aunt Susan etc.), other graphics, and sound effects with iMovie on my iPhone 7 Plus.

EMAIL about the above event:

HI Kevin,


It was great to see the kids having a great time…You bring smiles to many faces, it is a nice gift to have. 


Merry Christmas to you…


- Carol

From: Kathryn Peck

To: Kevin Driscoll <>
Subject: Thank you!


Hi Kevin,


I just wanted to thank you again for putting in all that effort this morning at the photo shoot and doing an amazing job! You are so good with the kids and I know that the parents appreciate it, as do I. 


I wanted to tell you that during dinner this evening my son told me that he thinks I didn't hire a man dressed like Santa for the photos, but rather I hired the real Santa instead. When I asked him why he thought that, he gave me a whole list of reasons why; like the real beard, the real hair, the red suit, the big belly, and so on! Anyway, I thought that was cute. 


Thank you again!




Kathryn Peck

Mockingbird Baby & Maternity

219 Main St. Charlestown, MA 02129

Above: On Boston's RADIO and LIVE INTERNET TV from 9:00 - 10:00PM
Above two photos by  features Santa's 40" wise-cracking Elf and Dog the Talking Dog. 
Santa is real.  Pull my beard!
Santa taking a break from the Prudential Center long lines for Photos With Santa in Boston.    One mother's compliment "You are the perfect Santa" made my day! 
Antonella Palladino - Kelmar Associates email:  THANK YOU!  You were an awesome Santa!

To schedule your own private home or business PHOTOS WITH SANTA, call 617-901-6232 any time.

Call 617-901-6232 any time for Family photos with the Grandparents, family dog, and more.  Santa has the iPhone6 PLUS which takes great pictures that can be emailed or texted immediately! 



See Metrowest Daily News 11/8/12 - 5 QUESTIONS FOR SANTA - Page C1   - or:


 1. How are the elves doing with their toy making this year? Did Superstorm
Sandy set them back?

HO HO HO!  Thank you for asking! The elves are their usual happy
industrious selves this year! They're doing their best work and making
enough toys for all the good little girls and boys.  HO HO HO!
Fortunately, Superstorm Sandy didn't hit Santa's Village. We were all concerned
about the people affected by her. 

2. How will you find all the children who have been displaced by
the storm?

 HO HO HO! Children who have been displaced have friends and neighbors who let Santa know where
they are!


 3. If a house's chimney has been knocked down, how will you get in?

HO HO HO! A lot of peopledon't realize that not everybody's home has a chimney! If a house doesn't have a chimney, the reindeer and the elves help Santa deliver the toys through a window. HO HO HO!


 4. Has Global Warming affected the weather up at the North Pole?

Yes. It used to be funny when people made pictures
of me with sunglasses and a surfboard, but that may be what really
happens. The reindeer are already taking
swimming lessons.

 5. Is it best to write you a letter, or do you mind getting emails or Tweets? And, do
you do Facebook?

HO HO HO! My favorite means of communication is still
the old tried and true letter to Santa… but I respond to almost anything. However, emails are so last year. You can text your wish list to Santa at 617-901-6232. My typical response is
“Thank you. I’ll see what I can do!"


SPECIAL THANKS TO COMEDY WRITER ED ALLEY.  Ed performed some of his above material at his 11/7/12 FEATURE performance at the Amazing Things Arts Center... and much more.  Ed can be reached at 508-380-5266 or via email at


2013- Joe Reid Jazz Trio perfroms "My Santa" at Ryles Jazz Club with Miki Matsuki on drums and Dan Fox on bass.
The above is a dark, sarcastic holiday tune we recorded awhile ago titled "Thanks for the Roses, Merry Christmas".  Antje Duvekot/vocals, John Scotti, guitars/banjo, Michael Scotti, electric bass and organ, and Kevin Driscoll, drums/tambourine/sleigh bells.