Jazz with Ted Knowlton

Kevin Driscoll, drums

Arranger, Composer, Producer

Please take a quick listen.  It sounds like piano, bass and drums but it is really only Ted and me with no overdubbing.

Jazz with Ted Knowlton

Ted Knowlton is our featured ninety-year young pianist/keyboard guru in the above top two left photos.

So grateful to be playing jazz with Ted Knowlton.  Ted Knowlton is the eighty-nine year young Boston Piano Legend and former Berklee Professor. 

"Thank you for playing last night, everyone had fun." -  Northeastern University Alumni Hawaiian Luau event Coordinator. 

We had a blast playing: "all music with the island vibe" as requested.  Complete with Tahitian Toeré, Trinidadian mini-steel drum, bongos and other percussion instruments also available for everyone. As usual, our duo sounded like a trio with Ted Knowlton's famous left hand on bass.  His Roland FP-7 provided the perfect steel drum/marimba/island vibe sounds for a great evening.... but still quiet enough so the Alumni could speak to their former classmates.   Ted is an awesome jazz player but he also did great on the requested “Tiny Bubbles”, “Blue Hawaii”, “My Little Grass Shack”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Beach Boys, Jack Johnson, Don Ho, and other tunes.  

It is always an honor to play drums with the former Berklee professor and Boston Piano Legend Ted Knowlton.  Ted has played everywhere in New England.  Boston's Ritz-Carlton, Copley Plaza Oak Bar, Top of the Hub at the Prudential Center, et. al.  Ted also hosts the Jazz Jam at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, Massachusetts each month. 

It should be noted that what you hear on the above is what we play live on a gig. The Roland FP-7 piano that Ted plays has a split keyboard where he uses an acoustic bass sound in the lower part of the keyboard while using a variety of sounds (mostly acoustic piano with effects) in the upper part of this versatile instrument.

Ted Knowlton is also available for solo gigs.  I was very honored to have Ted sing and play one of my songs for the AmazingThings May 2nd event. 
See amazing Facebook review:  
• Wow, what a great show last nite May 2. THANKS TO OUR MIQUERS, Kevin Driscoll and his MANY frIends... 
Who knew when a ventriloquist promised a few "Friends" that they would be not only about 5 wooden characters, but about 20 very live real people with incredible musical talent. And about 60 audience members too. The Comedy Mique has had past connections with the folk Mike and Cabaret Mic, but thanks Kevin's inclusion of Ted Knowlton, Dave Morin and others, we now connected to the Jazz Jam too. Yes it's all AMAZING!! The birthday tribute by Kevin's group to our amazing video guy Frank DiPace was wonderful. Thanks to Frank, we can see some of ...our our shows on Access Framingham TV and if you are out of town, some are on-line at their web site http://webvideo.accessfram.tv/