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Driscoll Productions Drum Circles - A high-energy, FUN, celebration of drumming and community. 

Drum Circles

Drum circles, dummies, and a musical ventriloquist.  Join Doug the talking Dog, Dino the Dinosaur and other dummies in a Drum Circle.  Drum Circles are a great way to stay connected to our inner rhythms.  Please join us with any drum you have or with anything that you hit, scrape or shake to make sound.   Try playing the Irish Bodhrán, Tahitian Toeré, Trinidadian mini-steel drum and other percussion instruments also available for everyone.

Doug the Talking Dog only bites Mommies and Daddies, but he may try to bite your drumsticks, tambourines, or maracas...

Kevin Driscoll has been studying, playing and teaching drumming for over 40 years.   Kevin’s interactive drum-fun entertainment is for children, youth and adults who want an exciting, fun and memorable experience.

The above 52 second YouTube video was incorrectly filmed by my dummy Jerry during our 2/28/16 Sunday Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet performance WITH the Fitchburg Pack 17 Cub Scouts and their families.  We reminded the children that Doug The Talking Dog will NOT bite children.  He only bites Mommies and Daddies and Scout Masters... but he may try to bite your drumsticks, tambourines, or maracas that we distribute to everyone.
ABOVE:  We had a blast performing WITH over two hundred children at the South Shore Stars Summer Camp.
Above: Our Lady of the Angels Preschool students in Worcester, MA.

As documented in the news:  The modern Drum Circle is considered an American phenomenon. In a drum circle everyone is acting as one. The ME becomes the WE. That is the true meaning of community. Each person plays a piece to make the whole. Everyone can join in and not only make music but commune with one another without inhibition and with their own self expression. That is the spirit of the drum circle...

Kevin plays a continuous series of heart-pounding beats as he interacts with the visitors to the circle as they play along on the drums. For those at the event who do not choose to try drumming at the circle, they still enjoy watching and listening to Kevin and his dummies, as he keeps the atmosphere lively and upbeat with his masterful drumming style.

Kevin Driscoll, M.Ed. has been playing drums professionally since the age of thirteen.  Kevin is very grateful for his drum teacher Alan Dawson (Dave Brubeck's drummer.)  Kevin was one of the few "Seven Week Wonders" very fortunate to first study with Alan Dawson at the 1967 Berklee School of Music Seven Week Evaluation program.  He went back to Nebraska to finish high school but thanks to Alan Dawson's recommendation, Kevin was accepted at Berklee in 1969 and graduated in 1973.

Kevin Driscoll has a  September 2017 CORI approved by St. Anselm Parish and KidPartyProductions.  Kevin has taught music at the elementary, secondary, and college levels.   
Irish Bodhrán -  a shallow one-sided drum popular in Irish and Scottish folk music  
Tahitian Toeré
Drum Circles bring out the best in everyone!  L-R: Young boy on black drumset, Jerry, Kevin, and eleven year old Alexis Marcotte-Thomas on white drum set.
L2R: Irish Bodhran played with one stick (aka one tipper) by young boy and Bongos played by young girl
Young boy on congas performs for Jerry, the 40" wise-cracking "instructor"...
FRONT:  Young girl performs a solo on silver timbales.
CENTER: Young boy sets the tempo with Tahitian Toere
L2R: Eleven year old Alexis Marcotte-Thomas plays the black tom-toms while young boy plays the cymbal with soft mallet.
Dueling drumming girls on drum sets while Jerry shouts out the changing tempos.
A few of the participants at the Drumming With Dummies event at Amazing Things Arts Center, Framingham, MA.